Happy Burger Day 2018!

Tuck Royale Burger

The origins of Burger Day are unknown. In some places, Burger Day appears to be celebrated in August.  But on the whole, May 28 appears to be widely accepted as International Burger Day. May 28 is roughly the start of grilling season and the Victoria Day long weekend, which makes it an ideal time to celebrate. It’s likely that Burger Day was created by some enterprising soul in the United States, since it’s a similar time to the Memorial Day long weekend, and kicks off the start of Summer grilling season. This gives us some idea of where Burger Day may have originated, but what about burgers themselves?

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The Royal Couple: Soup and Sandwich

Tomato Basil Soup

Tomato Basil Soup

Few foods are as comforting as soup. We turn to chicken noodle soup when we’re sick. When you live in a wintry climate, few things beat a hot soup on a cold day. But sometimes soup alone isn’t enough, so what better to pair with a soup than a sandwich? TuckShop Kitchen loves this combination as much as you do and the team serves five of their favourite soups throughout the week. Here’s what makes each soup special:

Monday: Carrot Ginger Miso Soup

Carrot ginger soup is commonly found on menus, but TuckShop Kitchen distinguishes their soup by adding more ginger and by including miso. In this soup, miso is like your awesome-yet-quiet friend: hanging out in the background but adding some great flavour that you wish was always there. Try pairing this with the Peameal Bacon sandwich – sharp soup, mellow sandwich.

Tuesday: Tomato Basil Soup

Familiar with bright flavours, eating tomato basil soup feels like coming home to a happy family reunion. Unlike most places, which use dry basil in their soup, the base of TuckShop Kitchen’s tomato basil soup is cooked on Mondays so that the flavours have time to meld overnight, then fresh basil is added on Tuesday mornings to finish off the soup.  One of TuckShop’s most popular combinations, there’s no better pairing than the Turkey Grilled Cheese sandwich!

Wednesday: Curry Roasted Sweet Potato and Coconut Milk Soup

Just reading the name of this soup transports you to a place with palm trees, blue skies, and an endless beach. Most places making a soup like this would simply add sweet potato to boiling water or broth and blend it all together. But at Tuckshop Kitchen, the sweet potato is slow-roasted in the oven and its braising liquid is part of the final soup, which adds significantly more flavour. Coconut milk is whisked in as a final finishing step on Wednesday morning. To keep things on the lighter side, try pairing this with the Miso Tofu sandwich.

Thursday: Potato Leek Soup

Another classic combination but, unlike TuckShop Kitchen’s other soups, the potato leek soup is left chunky, it’s not pureed. Leaving the soup chunky isn’t something you’ll often find, but it gives the soup a heartier feel. TuckShop Kitchen first slowly cooks the leeks and potato together, then adds house-made leek stock on Thursday mornings.  Try pairing the BLT with this hearty soup.

Friday: Triple Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soups are often made using a dairy base, which gives the soup a nice creaminess but can sometimes feel too heavy. At TuckShop Kitchen, the Triple Mushroom soup tastes creamy but is not dairy-based. The team works this magic by making mushroom stock using a LOT of mushrooms, pureeing it all together once it’s finished. A classic soup with a twist calls for a classic sandwich with a twist – try pairing the Roast Turkey and Apple sandwich with this one.

Weekends: Surprise Soup!

You never know which soup you’ll find on weekends, whether it’s an old favourite or a new discovery. TuckShop Kitchen always serves soup, so stop by to find out what’s cooking!





Tess Ng is an accountant by day, writer by night, and food lover all the time.




Happy Grilled Cheese Day!


Tuck Grilled Cheese: Gruyère, swiss and cheddar, spinach, sun-dried tomato chutney, roasted red peppers

The beloved grilled cheese sandwich.

It’s warm and soothing, like a savoury and non-liquid version of hot chocolate. Kids love it because it’s an incredibly simple and accessible food. Photographers love it because it’s awesome taking a photo of the moment when you pull the two halves of your grilled cheese sandwich apart and it becomes satisfyingly stringy in the middle. People who don’t know how to cook love it because even they are capable of making a grilled cheese sandwich. But amidst all this love, there’s controversy. Read more

Restaurant Canada Show 2018 Highlights

Restaurant Canada Show 2018

Restaurant Canada’s signature event of the year, the RC Show is an opportunity for members of the restaurant industry to taste, learn, and grow their craft. This year, the theme was “Innovation Unleashed!” and TuckShop Kitchen’s own Jake Taylor was asked to unleash his creativity by participating in the inaugural Garland Canada Culinary Competition.

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Making the Bacon: How a Beloved Product is Made

Your tantalizing fragrance,
Wafts over me,
Igniting my senses.
Sizzle! Pop!
Your siren call lures me,
And I am powerless to resist.

On Valentine’s Day, people’s thoughts turn to love. And in the food world, few foods are as beloved as American-style streaky bacon. But not all bacon is created equal and in this post we’ll give you an idea why. As promised in our burger post, we’re going behind the scenes with TuckShop Kitchen to find out how they make their bacon so delicious. The first stop when making bacon…

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Our Toronto ‘Hood: Junction Triangle


TuckShop Kitchen is proud to call the growing Junction Triangle neighbourhood home. Since starting construction in our space in September 2014, the area has since developed a unique identity and strong sense of place in Toronto.

Our shop is located at the intersection of Dupont Street and Edwin Avenue in Toronto, close to one of the old Canadian Pacific Railway lines that give the entire Junction area its name. This area derived its name from the fact that it was at the junction of two Canadian Pacific Railway lines. Notably, TuckShop lies within the Junction Triangle area, which is bordered by railway lines on all three sides of its borders.

West Toronto Railway Station (courtesy: Toronto Public Library)

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The Burger that Started it all: How the Tuck Burger is Made


The burger that started it all! Here is the story behind TuckShop Kitchen’s juicy, flavourful, mouthwatering burger. This burger is definitely one of the best sandwiches in Toronto and we’ll go behind the scenes to learn the process of how the Tuck Burger was created along with what goes into making the burger. But this isn’t just about the burger; the making of the Tuck Burger is also part of the story behind TuckShop Kitchen itself. The creation of the Tuck Burger started from one simple question:

How can you make an incredible, restaurant-quality, meat-lovers’ burger for under $10?

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Winter Hours and Menu


Winter is here. The cold weather is all around us, and it feels like this year the weather is dropping considerably faster than in 2016. With the new weather comes some changes to our store to share, including an updated winter daily special menu.

Winter Hours & Winter Menu

As the days get darker and temps plummet, we are announcing that effective this week (Nov. 20, 2017) TuckShop Kitchen is moving to winter hours:

  • Monday to Saturday: 11am to 4pm
  • Sunday: Closed

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BlogTO: Best Peameal Sandwich in Toronto

Some exciting news: BlogTO has listed in “Best Peameal Bacon Sandwich in Toronto” today. It’s especially exciting for us since we’ve been curing our own pea meal for about a year. Read more

Sandwich Battle

It’s the winter time here in Toronto. It’s ridiculously cold and everyone is hibernating during the dark days of January and February. Here at TuckShop Kitchen, it’s a prime time for us to test out new recipes during the slower months and flex our sandwich muscles to try something new for lunch. Read more