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The origins of Burger Day are unknown. In some places, Burger Day appears to be celebrated in August.  But on the whole, May 28 appears to be widely accepted as International Burger Day. May 28 is roughly the start of grilling season and the Victoria Day long weekend, which makes it an ideal time to celebrate. It’s likely that Burger Day was created by some enterprising soul in the United States, since it’s a similar time to the Memorial Day long weekend, and kicks off the start of Summer grilling season. This gives us some idea of where Burger Day may have originated, but what about burgers themselves?

Where did hamburgers come from?

Definitely not TuckShop Kitchen but, as with Burger Day, there is no clear creator of the hamburger. History suggests that hamburgers were most likely derived in some form from Hamburg, Germany (sort of like how the word frankfurter came from Frankfurt, Germany). There was a dish called “Hamburg steak” which consisted of a cooked beef patty created from chopped meat.

Hamburg was also a major port city in the eighteenth century. With so many sailors passing through, it’s likely that the popularity of the “Hamburg steak” spread as they travelled to different ports. German immigration further spread the popularity of the Hamburg steak and it became a commonly-found dish during the nineteenth century in America.

Courtesy of the Seattle Municipal Archives Item No: 78963

Unquestionably, the United States is the country which is now most commonly associated with the hamburger. The 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair is attributed to being a key turning point in the popularity of the hamburger as it was sold by a number of food vendors.

From these early food vendors, larger restaurant chains began to serve hamburgers; this cemented the popularity of hamburgers along with their association with the United States. Notably, White Castle (which is known for its sliders) was founded in 1921 and became the first major fast-food chain. Not too long afterward, McDonald’s was founded in 1940 and began its rise towards world domination.

Today, hamburgers are popular around the world and there are lots of great places serving quality burgers so that you don’t have to rely on a fast-food chain to get your burger fix!

If you have a hunger for more burger knowledge, take a look at our in-depth dive into how the Tuck Burger is made.

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