COVID 19 Transformation: TuckShop Takeout Window

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During the COVID019 pandemic, the team at TuckShop realized that we needed to remodel our space for 2 reasons:

  • Safety: Helping keep our staff and customers safe
  • Business: Remodeling our business to survive financially

Given the small floor space, we realized that it would be better to remodel our space into a takeout window to provide a safe distance between customers and our staff. 

With the strict COVID-19 measures in place, we could only allow 1 person at a time in our tight indoor space. Even with that it would be questionable depending on the number of staff we had operating in the restaurant at one time.

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Early Closure @2PM Today


Please note that we’ll be closing at 2PM today (Thursday June 16, 2016) due to catering a private event. We’ll be back at it on Friday!