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Wow. 1 year.Grand Opening Party

I can’t believe how quickly the year has already flown by at TuckShop Kitchen, and now we’re about to celebrate our 1st birthday. It feels like yesterday when we were pitching city hall at a committee of adjustment hearing among big wig developers and angry residents raging against their building plans. Luckily for us, only heroes live in the Junction Triangle since we only received overwhelming support and love from the local community, signing petitions and promoting us on the Junction Triangle facebook page. Who can also forget the 8+ months of construction needed to convert a vacant garage and basement into a takeout restaurant and convenience store.

tuckshop construction

I also remember the ongoing support from local businesses and offices like West Side Studio and FreshBooks since we opened. From the start they’ve included us in their ‘goto’ lunch options while busy at work, even during the frigid winter months.

It’s been a steep learning curve getting our groove on with our shop. As a local small business and new to the food industry, the odds were stacked against us. We didn’t expect this much growth this quickly so we thank you for your patience while we iron out the kinks. But I think we’re at a place where we’re getting a good stride and feeling like may be we could be an actual legitimate sandwich and convenience store in Toronto.

Taking back “convenience”

One of our missions is to take back the “convenience store” away from the sketchy, metal gated smoke shop that mostly deals in smokes, gas or lottery. At TuckShop Kitchen we’re pushing to show that you can build a quality food and convenience essentials shop for the neighbourhood and be a place where you can send your kids without worry. Gone are the mysterious spinning hot dogs that say warm for hours (days? weeks?) and instead, house made sandwiches and daily specials that don’t break the bank.

Based on the response on our food to date (good luck getting a Monday Cobb Salad Special after 2pm), I’m feeling that we’re on the right track. We still have much more to go on our retail side and are working with the community to see what other goods we can offer in the store. This Fall we’ll be testing at more options so stay tuned. If you have any suggestions, we’re all ears.

Celebrate our 1st Birthday!

Celebrate our 1st birthday

What better way to celebrate our 1st birthday with some special offers for the Junction Triangle? First, we’re bringing back our Breakfast Sandwich which won the People’s Choice Award a few months ago. It was a blast working with Boulart Bread to create the sandwich, and ever since we won we’ve had many customers ask us when we’ll do it again.

What better time than next weekend to bring it back for one more time. If you missed it, we competed in the Breakfast Battle host by the 86’d at Drake Hotel last February and won the People’s Choice award. It was called the Carpenter’s Delight:

Carpenter’s Delight Breakfast Sandwich:
House cured bacon, mixed berry jam, granny smith apple, 2-year Balderson cheddar on a demi-French toasted whole grain ciabatta

Boulart Bread will be offering us the same bread to recreate this sandwich just for this event. So if you missed it last time (or want it again), this is your chance before it’s gone again! 🙂

If you’re not feeling this Breakfast Sandwich, we’re also offering an $8 meal deal: buy any sandwich, canned pop and bag of chips for just $8!

Plus we’ll have some goodies for kids on Saturday to celebrate our 1st birthday with us, and some burger beats to dance to.

So come on out and dance with us on Friday September 23 and Saturday September 24 to celebrate our 1st birthday!


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