COVID 19 Transformation: TuckShop Takeout Window

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During the COVID019 pandemic, the team at TuckShop realized that we needed to remodel our space for 2 reasons:

  • Safety: Helping keep our staff and customers safe
  • Business: Remodeling our business to survive financially

Given the small floor space, we realized that it would be better to remodel our space into a takeout window to provide a safe distance between customers and our staff. 

With the strict COVID-19 measures in place, we could only allow 1 person at a time in our tight indoor space. Even with that it would be questionable depending on the number of staff we had operating in the restaurant at one time.

Initial takeout testing

We had started offering food at the front door  prior to the remodel as an experiment and the response was great. We sold Tuck Bacon for retail and taking orders from Junction Triangle customers.  But this still put our staff in close contact with customers and leaving the door wide open all day will not be a good idea for the Canadian winter and during rainy days.

Testing Takeout in May 2020 (instagram @tuckshopkitchen)

The Pivot

We also pivoted the rest of our operation to allow us more space to start producing our house made Tuck Bacon on a larger scale, which we plan on offering wholesale to butcher shops, coffee shops, restaurants and direct to customers for retail sale in the future. This is a measure we are taking to mitigate the loss of office catering and businesses like FreshBooks that used to be across the street from us.

The challenges have been tough given the cost to afford the investment to remodel. The government programs made this possible, through the CEBA and Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy — without that support we likely would not be operating anymore. 

We just surpassed our 5 year anniversary in September 2020, and the supoort from our customers and press from BlogTO’s Top Burger in the Junction Triangle have been incredible.  While we couldn’t host a party, everyone still came out last week to support us and show their love for what we do. This is why we are still going and trying to see if we can get past this pandemic as a business. 

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Coverage on our transformation in the summer of 2020

Thank you for your ongoing support for us and helping us stay open and serving you!

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