Making the Bacon: How a Beloved Product is Made

Your tantalizing fragrance,
Wafts over me,
Igniting my senses.
Sizzle! Pop!
Your siren call lures me,
And I am powerless to resist.

On Valentine’s Day, people’s thoughts turn to love. And in the food world, few foods are as beloved as American-style streaky bacon. But not all bacon is created equal and in this post we’ll give you an idea why. As promised in our burger post, we’re going behind the scenes with TuckShop Kitchen to find out how they make their bacon so delicious. The first stop when making bacon…

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TuckShop Bacon



Just in time for the Holidays, our 10-day house cured bacon is now available for sale. What better than the gift of fresh bacon from the Junction Triangle?

Regular Cut ($7 for 1/2 lb.), Thick Cut ala our TuckShop BLT ($7 for 1/2 lb.) and Slab ($13 1 lb.) available.