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It’s Sandwich Party time! Summer is the time for big outdoor parties filled with friends, family, and food. But with everyone and their neighbour throwing barbeques, it’s time to take things to the next level – with a Sandwich Party. TuckShop Kitchen was thrilled to host its first ever Sandwich Party, kicking off patio season in style on a perfect summer night.

But isn’t every day a sandwich party at TuckShop Kitchen?

Not like this! Our good friends at Henderson Brewery offered ice-cold beer on tap while man-about-town Jake Taylor teamed up with fellow chefs to create all sorts of extra-special sandwiches for the party. Nate Middleton (Home of the Brave), Dusty Gallagher (416 Snack Bar and People’s Eatery), and Scott Vivian (Beast) are all well-respected chefs running popular restaurants, but what you may not know is that these Chefs with Hart have also joined forces to host a number of pop-up pizza parties over the years. After meeting with Jake one night, the chefs decided that it was time to make dreams come true with a night full of EPIC sandwiches!

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Sandwich party chefs

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Photo by @hypebelly

Tell me more about these EPIC sandwiches!!

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Sandwich party trio

You know and love TuckShop Kitchen’s bacon but on this most-special of sandwich nights, Jake pulled out all the stops and spent months curing house-made pancetta. The House Pancetta Sando had layers of thinly-sliced salty pancetta complemented by seasonal tomato aioli, the creamy richness of the pancetta offset by a summer bounty of giardiniera pickles.

Pickles made their appearance in another one of the night’s sandwiches – Dusty Gallagher’s Fried Pickle Mushroom Melt. Don’t worry vegetarians, we wouldn’t leave you out of the Sandwich Party! Imagine the best dill pickle potato chips that have ever passed your lips and multiply that by a thousand – Dusty’s thinly-sliced pickles were battered and deep-fried bites of crunchy goodness. The soft, chewy mushrooms and melty, smoky provolone were a perfect match for the pickles’ sour-salty bite.

Photo by @hypebelly

sandwich party menu

Sandwich party menu

But maybe you’re one of those who’s always looking for a little more spice in your life? No problem, Scott Vivian brought the heat with his Choripan sandwich! After a single bite of the juicy, spicy chorizo, you’d regret your latest street meat run even more than you did at 3am. With its brilliant green chimichurri and avocado sauces contrasting against the bright red chorizo, the Choripan looked like Christmas but tasted like a summertime fiesta.

To cap off our foursome of EPIC sandwiches, Nate Middleton’s Burger Dip took bacon cheeseburgers to the next level by removing the cheese from the burger and giving it to you as a dip. That’s right, every order of the Burger Dip came with its own tub of cheese sauce! It’s ok, take a minute to process the awesomeness of this – I know your mind is a little blown right now. Dip the burger into the cheese, pour the cheese over your burger, it’s all part of the thrill of the Sandwich Party!

So, when is the next Sandwich Party?

Although we don’t know when we’ll host another Sandwich Party, we will definitely keep bringing awesome sandwiches to all of you! At the very least, stay tuned for our 3rd anniversary festivities in September. In the meantime, keep in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram and be the first to find out about our pop-up events and daily specials. We’ll keep sharing the love with you, one sandwich at a time.

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